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Slipcovers: Bringing Life To Old Shabby Furniture

Have you tried entering a room that reeked of stale beer and dried sweat? Disgusting is an understatement, isn’t it? This is the scenario if you do not protect your furniture especially the upholstered one from getting in contact with wet elements such as sweat, drinks, and among others. The terrible smell does not only let its presence be seen but also smelled.

In the past, when air-conditioning units and other cooling equipment were yet to be invented, slipcovers have been available to protect furniture from getting soaked with sweat by persons sitting on it during the summer when the heat reaches its scorching glory. These slipcovers were commonly tailor-made, made from transparent plastic materials, such that the beauty of the furniture could still be seen while maintaining some sort of protection.

With the invention of air-condition, electric fans, and various equipment used to counteract heat and humidity, slipcovers should have been long gone and out of the market. But, the contrary is exactly the scenario. More homemakers have been buying slipcovers and looking into it not just as a form of luxury but also a necessity. Nearly all in every home from the tropics, the dessert, and the icy regions of the world, slipcovers never fail to steal the scene to protect, beautify, and make a statement.

What has contributed to the high marketability of slipcovers? When you want to add a new look to a furniture, a slipcover is the cheaper way. Buying a new set of slipcovers makes up with the aesthetic requirement that a homeowner needs, instead of buying a whole new set of furniture to match a certain theme. A simple slipcover can definitely spark some life to an old rickety old chair that has seen and suffered some rambunctious kids’ hyperactivity.

Slipcovers can add elegance to reasonable but decent looking sets of furniture, especially for those who are tight on their budget and opt to purchase from surplus stores and garage sales. Even cheap looking and old furniture could pass for a brand new and expensive one, with a good quality of slipcovers. Instead of buying expensive furniture, why not invest on an expensive slipcover next time and don it on to old many times cheaper furniture at the surplus store? It wont only save a few but several hundreds of dollars to buy some other home furnishings.

Furniture slipcovers have plenty of advantages waiting only to be uncovered. Slipcovers are only among the few that you can guiltlessly splurge on because they are furniture protectors and at the same time, tools to make your home achieve a different kind of ambience.

Simply choose the one that suits your standard from a wide variety of furniture slipcovers that can match the kind of theme that you have in mind. If you have some old comfort chair hidden in the attic, slip on the most elegant looking chair slip covers and surprise everyone with it. Buy your slipcover now.