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Small Kitchen Tables – Smart Design Tips For Smaller Kitchen Areas

Having a small kitchen gives you limited space to function in place where so much is done. Sometimes, it makes you think that it’s almost impossible to decorate your kitchen, simply because it’s too small. Well, whatever the size of your kitchen, it can be decorated if you know good design tips and learn some tactics to maximize your space.

Start with the most essentials things like a basin, stove and refrigerator. Once you have got that in place and it looks like you have space for a table, throw that in as well. When it comes to picking the best kitchen table, take measurements of the space you have first and only then do you go to the stores and pick out a suitable one. Next guess or estimate the size because sometimes it can appear to be larger or smaller than you actually thought it was. Showrooms are no help because the spaces allocated in showrooms differ from the spaces in your own home.

With limited space, make sure you have some place to move around comfortably when you’re working in the kitchen and not knocking your elbows or feet against the table. You actually don’t need one that is too large, something small and of good quality would do. If you think that you may occasionally need slightly bigger spaces, instead of getting a large table, get a folding one instead. There are quite a few good quality tables that have got slide flaps attached to them so that you can open it up and increase table space whenever necessary. This is a much better option as you can close the extension when you need space to move around.

You need to search for the creativity beast in you when it comes to maximizing space for small kitchen areas. Don’t think so much about having lots of furniture but think about making the most out of little furniture. Since a sink is important to have, instead of installing a two basin sink and having the drying rack next to it, get a deeper bowl sink to soak more things and fix your drying rack above that on the walls. As for cupboards and shelves, fix them up in a built in manner and use all the space you have by investing in ceiling to floor storage. Use the higher shelves to store things you’re less likely to use. As for racks, get multi tier shelves to put your groceries on and have them behind closed doors as well. You can buy basket hangers to put away your dry ground food like onions, ginger, garlic and potatoes.

Use space saving ideas by flipping through a magazine to get good layout ideas. It’s always best that you use the space you have on walls, to avoid cramping up your floor space, giving you more moving room. It’s not hard to decorate a small kitchen; all you need is some good creativity and ideas that prevent clutter! So go give your kitchen a try.

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