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Stairs Anti Slip Or Physical Therapy?

Oh no! Grandma has fallen down the wet stairs up to your front door and cannot get up. She has probably broken her hip. You are probably thinking, “Curse those stairs! Anti slip is the only solution.” Anti slip may be a great solution for your outdoor stairs that may get wet or icy. However, they are generally quite unattractive. Maybe we should take a step back and look at the real problem at hand.

The truth about grandma is that she is weak. Her body has lived a full life and thanks to the natural stresses that have bombarded her body and mind throughout her life, her body is tired, frail, and weak. Bad habits that she may have accumulated have taken a toll on her body over the years, creating more problems and weaknesses than she needed to have. Not only that, but age has sent her into a state of inactivity and she is succumbing to the worst that nature can do to her body.

Did grandma fall and break her hip? If she truly slipped on your icy stairs, due to lack of friction, then yes. The fall could have broken her hip. But, if you are questioning the fall because it was actually a perfectly sunny fall day, and the stairs were free of slippery rain or ice, then your stairs may not have been the culprit. Perhaps, grandma’s hips were too weak to start with and her hips actually broke first, which caused her to fall. True, it could happen either way. If you can discover which scenario is more likely, however, you will be able to choose the best solution to the problem.

The solution to grandma’s weakness is a tough one to solve at this point, especially if she has already broke her hip. The best solution, of course, would be to encourage her to stay active, maybe just by walking around the neighborhood every morning. She could even schedule an appointment with a certified movement analyst who could observe her posture and bodily alignment and the prescribe simple exercises and images that could improve those things, thus elongating the life of her body. Also, gentle resistance work, such as two pound weights or elastic bands, is always good for maintaining bone strength.

If, however, grandma is quite healthy and the real problem is the slippery stairs, go ahead and find a solution for the stairs. You may want to simply search on the Internet something such as “stairs anti slip” and see what options are available near you. Though potentially an unattractive addition, the added friction could save your grandma’s hips.

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