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Start Making Plans For Your Backyard Garden Early

If your family has been affected somehow by the recent economic crunch, there is no doubt that you have had to look for ways to tighten your purse strings in order to make ends meet. You might go out to places like restaurants and to movies less than you used to and depending on the severity of your budget, perhaps not at all. When things get that bad, it could have even become difficult to keep enough food on the table. There is a way to supplement your food supply during the summer and the winter months if you have the yard space to plant a vegetable garden.

There are other reasons to plant a vegetable garden other than a tight budget. Today when you purchase vegetables at your local grocery store, you sometimes can not tell whether certain fruits and vegetables have been subjected to some sort of genetic alteration and there is no telling what kind of chemicals they could have been exposed to either. Some stores will let you know the facts about their produce and others might not. One thing is for sure, when you grow your vegetables at home, you know how it was done.

Even though it sounds like a perfect idea to get food on your table and in your freezer, you must be prepared for the work. Growing even a small garden is work and it can even get costly too if you are not careful. A garden tiller, other tools, natural additives for your soil and seeds and starter plants can all add up to dollars quickly. You have to be frugal if you really want to save money on the food you grow yourself. When you buy seeds for your first vegetable garden, you can save some seeds from the vegetables you grow for your garden next year. This is a little trickier than it sounds so you will need to research further in order to do this successfully. Saving seeds for the future is how homesteaders used to do it, but it requires a little extra knowledge these days. Sometimes you can save money by starting your seedlings indoors a month or so before the weather is right for planting. You might need a grow light for this if you do not get enough natural light inside.

When you will be able to actually get your garden in the ground will depend on where you live. It is good advice if you are a novice gardener to spend the winter reading everything you can about the particular vegetables you want to grow. No two vegetables are always planted, fed, and produce the same way. The more you know before you put your seeds in the ground, the better chance you will have of producing healthy and hearty plants that will in turn produce a good quality vegetable. You will need to know ahead of time what to do with your vegetables when they begin to come in. Learning the techniques of freezing and canning is essential to make sure that you waste nothing that you grow.

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