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Start the spring clean

A yearly spring clean is often essential to maintain an ordered and tidy home. We accumulate so much stuff over the year, that it is good to have a look through everything that you own and assess whether you still want it, need it or even if it has a purpose at all in your home. The best way to get started on a spring clean is to try to get everyone in the household involved and then it is not such a big task.

Set a time and a date for the spring clean. That way everyone knows when the big clear out is going to take place and can schedule their time accordingly. Particularly with teenagers, they will always have something better to do, even homework, as an excuse not to get involved in tidying their room. Make sure everyone in the household is involved so that everyone does their fair share. Even if it is just a little task for the smaller children, make sure that everyone knows their role and can contribute. It is good to make a list of jobs to do before hand and delegate accordingly and give everyone a time limit otherwise the task might just drag on and on. You might find that you still do the lion’s share of the work but it will certainly help to have others involved and you will all appreciate the tidy home afterwards.

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