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Sweet Tooth Is Easy to Develop Bad Physical

Recently, the global authority of the scientific journal Nature published a paper – “the truth of sugar toxicity”. Through animal experiments, the researchers proved that sugar can become addictive. China Agricultural University, Institute of Food Nutrition and Food Safety, Associate Professor pointed out, the people like to eat the sugar will be more love candy, especially children, if the childhood living environment is surrounded by the sweet food, it will form a sweet tooth constitution, not only it has an enormous physical and mental harm, but also increase the risk of chronic diseases in adulthood.

The researchers pointed out that sugar addiction is a dual role, on the one hand, the sugar affect the hormones, make the brain signals of fullness cannot be issued, and your stomach want to continue to eat; the other hand, the sugar hormones is also reflected in that it will issue non-stop sugar intake signals to the brain, like smoking, people eating sugar are more in love with sugar.

The researchers also noted that there is research had revealed that refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine. She pointed out that once the sweet tooth animals leave the sweets, they will be prone to a similar response of detoxification. In order to balance the sweet tastes and dietary nutritional balance, human beings invented a variety of sweeteners. But the sweetener does not really solve the contradiction between the sweet and healthy sweeteners, although they cannot raise blood sugar, but it can stimulate the brain through the sweet taste receptor, resulting in high insulin secretion, and thus increase the people’s appetite, and increase fat synthesis. Therefore, researcher believes that its pursuit of a healthy sweetener, it is better to quit too much on the sweet habit.

In addition, the sugar is empty calorie food that is high in calories but lack of basic vitamins, minerals and protein and other nutrients. However, “the truth of sugar toxicity” indicated, most people mistakenly think that the reason is that sugar can cause chronic disease and indirectly cause obesity caused by the “empty calorie”. In fact, truly lethal metabolic syndrome is caused by the toxic effects of sugar – sugar metabolism in the liver, the liver will convert sugar into fat, increase triglycerides, resulting in insulin resistance, leading to metabolic syndrome, interfere with metabolism, and increase blood pressure and may damage the liver, which will also increase heart disease incidence and risk of stroke, and cause many diseases.

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