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Take the Time to Breathe

Some parts of running a home business are really difficult. Getting it going, picking up new skills, finding customers, and so forth. But when you’re really trying to get things going, the hardest part is remembering to take time for you. Time to breathe.

When you love your business, when you really need it to succeed, it’s hard to take a break from it, even when you need one. The guilt makes you feel stressed even as you try to relax.

Can you take a break without feeling as though you’re damaging your business?

You’d better. You’re more likely to damage your business by not taking enough breaks. A good break really clears your mind. It can help you work faster.

The strain to succeed isn’t good for you, and it’s not good for your business if you give in to that strain and overwork. You need to take the time to enjoy life and focus on something other than directly building your business.

Go out with your family for a few hours. Play games at home with your family. Just sit and talk. Take time out on your own.

Do something that helps you to decompress. It’s amazing how much easier it is to work when you aren’t completely stressed out from not having a break. Your focus improves when you aren’t driving yourself up the wall trying to be excessively productive.

You’ve probably heard from your family if you’re working too hard. They want your attention too. And often they know that you’ll work better for having the break.

That doesn’t make it easier to give yourself permission for the break. Those closest to you can be the hardest ones to hear when they give you advice. So take mine and take a break. Soon.

What If Inspiration Strikes?

The trouble with being away from your work area is that sometimes inspiration strikes at awkward moments. What can you do if you’re taking a break and you have a great idea.

Write it down. It doesn’t matter whether you write it on a piece of paper, type it into your cell phone or find another way to remember it. Get it written down, then go back to relaxing.

Don’t skip too much detail when writing it down, but don’t take a lot of time from relaxing either. Get enough information down that you can work with the idea when you’re working.

Not Everything Counts as a Break

Don’t count everything other than work as a break. Making dinner isn’t a break. Hugging your kids good night is not a break. Going grocery shopping is not a break. Cleaning house is not a break.

These things need doing, and they can help clear your mind from work. Some are even pleasurable. But they aren’t breaks.

Things that must be done aren’t breaks. Taking a break means doing something that you want to do that will help you to relax. Don’t cheat yourself by calling chores, errands and daily routines breaks. Find a way to really enjoy your breaks, alone or with your family.

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