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Talk To Your Orthodontist For Adult Teeth Straightening Options

Orthodontic techniques of straightening crooked and misaligned teeth have come a long way in the past couple of decades. Though the metal, wired braces that have been used to move teeth into alignment over a period of months or years are still used, there is a great effort being made to minimize the “metal mouth” appearance that has aesthetic consequences for the period of time of treatment. This is especially a concern for adults who suffer from crooked teeth. Adults who must face the professional world every day do not want to see their credibility diminished by wearing visible braces that are most often associated with teenagers.

Orthodontists now offer excellent alternatives to enable adults to enjoy beautiful smiles with perfectly straight, aligned teeth without obviously visible metal braces. One such advancement in braces is incognito, or lingual, braces. Incognito braces work in the same general manner as standard braces with the exception of being placed behind the teeth. This makes them invisible to view, even with the most gregarious smile. Though lingual braces can be more costly than standard braces, the invisible nature of them can be well worth the added cost.

Another currently popular method of adult teeth straightening is Invisalign. These teeth aligners are made from custom-fitted clear plastic and work in a similar manner to metal braces in gradually moving teeth into proper position. With a process that generally takes from six months to two years, the plastic aligners are replaced every two weeks, moving the teeth a tiny bit at a time. They are essentially invisible when worn and they can be removed when eating and brushing teeth, allowing for increased flexibility.

For those who don’t want to take the time required for straightening their teeth with braces, even the invisible type, there are other methods to achieving that perfect smile quickly and effectively. With only a couple of appointments with a cosmetic dentist, one can enjoy that Hollywood smile with porcelain veneers. With veneers, a thin shell of porcelain is molded and bonded to the teeth to instantly correct flaws such as cracks, chips, gaps, and discoloration. They appear and feel just like natural teeth. Veneers aren’t appropriate for everyone with tooth alignment issues, but it’s worth talking to your cosmetic dentist to find out if this an option for you.

With today’s advancements in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, it’s never too late to get that perfect smile. Many dentists now offer both of these specialties as well as regular dental cleanings, fillings, and preventative services, so you can find it all with a single relationship. Talk to your dentist for the best plan for you individual needs.

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