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Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyers Have Many Specialties

There are a number of crimes people may be accused of committing in Tampa, Florida. While the person is not always guilty of the crime, it may be difficult to prove that without a lawyer. A Tampa criminal defense attorney will be familiar with the law and how the court system works in the Tampa vicinity. Many Tampa attorneys specialize in several practice areas. This makes it possible to help more people get a fair trial. It also helps them defend clients charged with multiple crimes. These are just a few of the specialties that a Tampa criminal defense attorney may have.

Tampa DUI lawyers defend people who have been charged with any type of crime involving alcohol and driving. This includes driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI) and boating under the influence (BUI). The consequences when convicted of any of these charges can be quite serious. As a result, it takes the serious efforts of a Tampa DUI lawyer to aggressively defend the individual charged with the offense or offenses. The case may or may not be related to a vehicle accident. For example, manslaughter or vehicular homicide may be charges related to a car accident where the driver was intoxicated above the legal limit.

There are many different types of criminal charges involved in theft crimes. They include attempted robbery, robbery, identity theft, property theft, carjacking, burglary, petit larceny and shoplifting. The person’s defense team should be able to handle all of the legwork involved in these types of cases in order to achieve the best results. This includes handling all allegations, accusations, investigations and formal charges brought against the individual. A competent and reliable attorney will have the means to call the right witnesses and secure experts and important facts and evidence to use in building a solid defense.

In Tampa, it is against the law to enter someone else’s property or home without permission. It is also illegal to stay there after being asked to leave. These are just a few types of trespassing violations that can bring about criminal charges in Tampa. These crimes are often charged in conjunction with others, such as theft or alcohol-related offenses. Depending on the circumstances of the crime committed, trespassing can be either a felony or a misdemeanor. A competent criminal attorney will bring about the best possible outcome for the client charged with trespassing, whether they are guilty or not.

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