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The Basics Of Website Flipping

Remember when the real estate market was hot, and a lot of people were making money by “buying” and “flipping” houses and other real estate? Well, website flipping is like flipping “real estate” – just on the web, only the real estate is in the form of a website or domain name.

At its most basic, flipping websites is the practice of buying established sites (or new web domains and setting up placeholder websites) then selling them later at a profit. The idea is to buy and register a website or domain that you believe will become desirable in the future, establish a placeholder site if no site exists, do certain things with the site to improve its rankings in the search engines, and then sell it once the site or domain becomes popular.

Finding domain names to invest in is the first step in succeeding. The website marketplace is similar to any other in that domain names that are in demand are more expensive than those that are not. You have to find websites that are under performing and that have potential for much better performance after you “renovate” or flip them.

In the marketplace for websites, the best bets are sites selling something that is just poised to take off online and which the current website owners are not taking advantage of search engine optimization or online marketing and are ready to sell. Once you add search engine optimization and marketing and increase the sales by a double digit percentage, you can then sell the site at a much higher price before internet saturation of the product takes place.

Another strategy is to buy websites for the domain name regardless of the content. In these cases, the address itself is of value, no matter what the condition or type of website. If you’re good at anticipating trends, you might see value in a domain name before the market does. If you’re right, you would be well-poised to sell the site for a profit once the domain name becomes a hot commodity.

In general, if your goal is ultimately to sell websites at a handsome profit, then there are several things you should do while it is in your hands. The main thing to do with an under performing site is to improve its search engine optimization. You would be surprised at how many sites have not been optimized and how much a few simple steps can improve a site’s rankings in the search engines.

To begin website flipping, you can use online services that are made specifically for those who like to buy and sell domain names. Or you can research domains on your own by looking deep into search engine results for those that show potential – that are owned by webmasters who have perhaps done the minimum to keep the sites going, but have not invested heavily in making their website grow. This takes a lot of research, so be prepared to put in a lot of effort if you so choose to flip websites by going it alone without the help of a website buying and selling service.

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