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The Beauty of Italian Bathroom Sinks

The appeal to Italian design is that it draws in influences from architecture, art and music, which are clearly represented in each piece of furniture or fixture. While Italian decorating is always at the forefront of modern trends, the room that deserves the most credit at this time is the bathroom. This room in the home has gained recent attention, which is why there are many new and innovative designs that make the Italian bathroom simply spectacular. Incorporating clean lines, modern fixtures and a simplistic approach, this room now uses integrated fixtures instead of separate fixtures. It acts as a single functioning unit, pure and simple.

Perhaps one of the most exciting additions is the Italian sinks, which have taken on a sleek and stylish appearance. They are wide and shallow, made from high quality materials such as porcelain or bent-wood laminate. Although simple, the sinks serve as the focal point for the bathroom since they are regularly used and have an artistic appearance to them. In addition to a shallow and wide basin, the sinks also have slim and sleek faucets that are commonly mounted onto the wall. Keeping the faucet out of the way yet well within reach is just another way that the Italians are making the bathroom all the more practical.

The dials may be placed near the faucet, although they are now commonly seen next to the sink or on the counter top, being highly convenient and easy to reach. Plus, this allows for the spout to be seen without having dials that take away from its appearance. Besides having wide sinks, Italian bathrooms are also seen using beautiful vintage bowls and basins that sit on top of the counter. In one design, a faucet empties water into a clear glass bowl, adding beauty and serenity in one simple step.

Other designs are consistent with integrated fixtures, such as by combining a sink, faucet and vanity into one unit. Not only does this make for less cleaning and maintenance, but the look of integrated units is uncomplicated, modern and neat, a symbol of Italian decorating. Since these newly designed sinks are often seen without bulky cabinets underneath, homeowners can install sleek shelves that go above the sinks to add room for bathroom accessories.

An Italian sink is made from the highest quality materials, ensuring that your purchase will look stunning and share a piece of history. Besides the famous porcelain, sinks can be found in authentic stone, marble and glass, as well as wooden choices.

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