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The Best Deals On Designer Clothes

What can I say? I love clothes! But I don’t like spending gobs of money to acquire the latest fashions and cute accessories. Because of my stubborn attitude and perseverance, I amaze my friends by the deals I find. Heck, I sometimes amaze myself!

Especially because of this tough economic climate, you are probably wondering how you can snag just as many bargains. So, for your benefit, I am going to share a few of the secrets that keep my closet full of my favorite kinds of attire.

I find hunting through clearance racks at the mall completely tedious, so I opt for using the internet to view the clearance options for my favorite stores.

Though you do have to add in the cost of shipping if you are going to make your purchase through a website, you can usually opt to receive the store’s e-mail newsletter, which will alert you to periods when shipping fees are waived! And because clearance is, of course, what the store wants to clear out to make room for the new line, these occasions come up fairly often.

However, not every store that carries designer labels will have a website or list their clearance inventory. So when it comes to boutique shopping, you may have to brave the racks. But you can still be surprised by what you might find. My favorite boutiques even offer discounts up to 15 percent to locals, so you should keep yourself on the lookout for sweet deals like these.

Consignment shops are one of the best ways to find deals, especially if you are able to find ones that focus solely on taking in high-quality pieces. If you clean out your closet, you can bring in unwanted or outgrown items to trade for store credit. You should also hop online to see if you can find consignment shops that list their inventory and allow you to order from a distance.

This way, you can see a wide variety of clothing with normal retail prices slashed down by 50 or even 70 percent. However, because inventory is constantly shifting, you should jump on the deals you find quickly, or someone else will!

Don’t forget to check auction and overstock sites, as they often provide some of the best bargains. But make sure that you check sizing charts or otherwise know your sizes for each brand you are investigating, as some of these websites have strict no-return policies, so you’ll be wasting your money if you don’t get it quite right.

Covet Shop ( is one of the best online consignment shops.