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The Best Way To Post To Forums To Increase Your Traffic

Posting to forums is one of the best ways to network on the Internet. Be sure to join as many as you can. I`ve had as many as 45 hits in one week just from one!

Imagine if you posted to 10 a day every day, the traffic will get your counter spinning out of control. Think about it, 45 hits a week from each one. If you post in just 10 per day that would be 70 posts per week. Now multiply that by 45 that`s “3150” hits a week just from posting to 10 a day! This is very powerful.

Not only will you get tons of hits, you will also gain link popularity as you can put your website URL at the bottom of each post.

But first make sure to follow the rules. The quickest way to ruin your reputation is to start posting advertisements to every forum and getting black balled. Follow these simple rules of Forum etiquette to keep yourself out of trouble for SPAMMING.

Spend a few days reading the info in each forum to get the feel for the group before you post any questions or answers. Every forum has different people and you need to understand what`s going on before you can be effective for the group.

When posting new posts, or replying to posts, please take the time to enter a descriptive subject line. It makes you seem smarter, helps others follow the various threads on the board, and generally improves the chances that your post will be read.

Do not type in all caps. You don`t want to scream at people do you?

Be sure to read all the rules for each forum you post to. Some allow you to put your signature file at the bottom of your answers and others don`t so be sure to play by the rules.

Type your messages in full sentences and use small paragraphs to make it easier to read. Format your post to 65 or less characters per line. Use correct spelling. You will appear more professional.

Don`t answer a question unless it will help the person asking it. You want to build a reputation for being a professional in your field, if you don`t know what you`re talking about people will stop reading your posts.

Don`t post anonymously or under an assumed name.

Never post just to correct someone or insult anyone. This just makes you look small. Never use profanity!

Do Not send attachments as part of the submission to the list.

When you ask a question, submit as much info as you can (don`t be vague). If no one understands what you need to know you will not get any help. Info is the key here, give us as much as you can.

Never use HTML in your posts unless it specifies that it is accepted.

Don`t use email addresses from the group to make a mailing list to send your ads to. This is SPAMMING. Don`t Do It!

Be aware of copyrights. When you use someone else`s material or images in your posts ensure you have permission and/or acknowledge them appropriately.

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