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The Big Picture of Online Marketing – Part 7 of 8

I just want to spend one more video on explaining on these two circles over here and how you earn the money with this big picture. I hope you realize because I speak quite quickly, I hope you realize that most of the people who introduced the opportunity to and who you market to and who is on your list, most of the people will not join you in any business opportunity that you offer them whether its a Traditional MLM or a Top Tier direct sales program.

So let me repeat that, most of the people that you prospect will not join you in your primary business opportunity. Now, that makes you quite alarming to you and it may become as a surprise and discourage you. But what top earners are doing, because of that back is that they have expanded proposal, with they are offering products and services to all of those prospects to earn commissions of them. Because they are looking for tools and resources on how they will successfully grow their business online.

So they want these affiliate product offerings that you give them as long as you give them quality offerings, for quality services for quality products. They want those, so that is what everybody’s doing to monetize their list. They are earning affiliate commissions off of their list.

Now the once that is joining you in your businesses that is just gravy on the top, but if you are just relying on building your business, then it’s going to take you quite a long time before you start earning a large residual income tax cheque. So why not earn a full time income by doing all through these components.

I really want you to understand that from the proposal and how essentially is and how everyone is doing this including myself. So call me if you have any questions, this is a lot to digest but I hope that you get the idea of the big picture on how to be a success online.

If you would follow some of these tips you would probably become one of the successful people who have a home-based business. You will have thousands of money that you have not hold yet before and you will probably have the answers to your questions. Do not waste this opportunity because opportunity comes once. So with these tips I have here, I hope you will become a successful online business man.

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