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The County Runs On Vendor And Contractor Services

The Sutter County Auditor conducts internal audits of county departments, programs and contracts to ensure accuracy of financial and operating data within the county. It is the Auditor-Controller’s job to make sure all departments are in compliance with county ordinances and state statutes and are efficiently executed.

The Robert Stark, Auditor-Controller is an elected official and the chief accounting officer for Sutter County. The Auditor’s department is responsible for maintaining the fiscal records for the County and special districts governed by the Board of Supervisors as stated in the Government Code. It is the Auditor-Controller’s function to oversee accounting procedures and audit County departments with an emphasis on internal control, economy, and efficiency. Functions include compilation of the final budget and includes payments and receipts, payroll administration, cost accounting, property tax assessment roll maintenance, all accounting for monies allocated to go out and to come in to the county.

The Sutter County Government, as any local, state or federal agency needs a variety of services performed by vendors to keep the government running. A great way to stay in touch with constituents and keeping the economy active is to contract with local businesses that can perform specific services for the country such as security, construction, maintenance, landscaping, supply and run cafeterias, supplies. There are a myriad of services that are contracted out to companies within the county, statewide as well as out-of-state contractors and vendors. There are so many aspects of services that vendors perform or supply to keep the government running.

Sutter County issues Requests for Proposal (RFP) and prospective vendors and contractors are invited to submit sealed bids and proposals to perform certain tasks. The winning contracts usually go to the lowest bidder. Submitting RFPs and contracting with the county government is a winning solution for constituents and the government departments needing contracting and vendor services.

While the responsibility to find and hire contractors is incumbent on the various individual departments and office, the Auditor-Controller oversees budgets and expenditures to monitor financial flow of the county’s spending. Installing and running video equipment to record county supervisor meetings is an example of government contracting. Sutter Board Meeting videos are available online for county citizens. Once a budget was approved, A Request for Proposal for this service was released for bid and contractors responded and narrowed down to a winning proposal. As a result, Sutter videos are now available 24/7.

Sutter County Auditor Controller ( is Sutter Board Meeting videos. Art Gib is a freelance writer.