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The Elegant And Classy Approach To Floors

Remember when you had that nasty pink carpeting in your house that had been there since the house was built in 1950? Hopefully, the day came when you, as the homeowner, decided it was time for change. Not knowing what you would find underneath the hideous carpet, and not really knowing what you planned on replacing it with, you ripped up a little corner of the carpet to find a nice wood floor. Granted, it was old and dirty, but the thought of having elegant wood floors in your house suddenly got you excited. So you pulled up the rest of the carpet, threw that nasty beast out the door, swept up the mess that was underneath, and stood back to evaluate the new flooring with satisfaction.

Whether you kept the original wood floor or decided to replace it with an updated floor, the feeling of having wood floors in your house is something else. It is almost a symbol of status. You are above adhesive tiles or cheap carpet and are ready for classy wood floors. There are, however, numerous types of wood for flooring, and there are many different things you need to consider as you are deciding what kind of wood floor to put in your house.

One of the most important things to consider during the process of deciding on wood flooring is the location and usage of the room that you are remodeling. In an entry or foyer, a new trend is to really make a statement on the floor. You could achieve this with inlays, borders and dramatic patterns on the floor. Kitchens, livings rooms, and dining rooms are great places for wood floors. You probably will want area rugs in certain parts, such as under your kitchen table or under your couch and coffee table. Bathrooms, however, are probably the one room in the house where wood floors really just would not work. All the moisture in the air would quickly ruin the beautiful floor.

A few other considerations you need to keep in mind are what kind of wood you want to use on the floor, what grade of wood you are using or can afford to use, the cut of the wood which effects the appearance of the wood, the dimensions of the room you are looking at and how much it would cost, what kind of pattern you want on the floor, and what color wood you are looking for, either stained or natural.

With these things in mind, and the help of your wood salesman, you will be able to choose the perfect wood floor for you and your home that will make you feel elegant and classy.

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