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The Importance Of Education

Just like food, water and air, education is very important in our lives. Without eduaction, no society can exist peacefully. Try to picture yourself being transported back in time when there was no education – where schools, textbooks, and teachers where unknown. People were uncivilized back then and it is one of the contributors that made life difficult to live. People don’t know how to properly act in public and they didn’t have a harmonious relationship with one another. They did as they pleased and they fought over petty things because they did not know how to communicate well and how to resolve things peacefully. This was how our ancestors – the cavemen – lived their lives.

Education did change the span of human’s life for that better. For example, the internet which is a useful tool enables people to talk and see each other through video chat even if the people talking on the internet are living in different countries located a thousand miles away from each other. Which technology is just one of the products of science. Without education, it would be impossible for people to create things and for others to use the innovations of other people. Via education, the individuals world is widened and the opportunities have become endless for everyone.

In most countries, educating individuals is commonly done in colleges but home-schooling is also getting popular in the US, United kingdom, and Japan. This can be because of the current way of life of the people these days where everybody is comfortable performing things in the comfort of their house. This is not bad whatsoever. In reality, there are countless advantages of home-schooling a child:

– You, as the parent or guardian, are certain that the child is protected because he is just in your home.

– There is less possibility of your child contracting communicable diseases because he isn’t exposed to the public in order to other children.

– You do not have to awaken early morning to fix his breakfast nor may be the child compelled in order to wake up early to visit school.

– You can spend more time with your child.

The actual disadvantages of home-schooling are:

– The child may develop low self-esteem and fewer self-confidence. Everybody needs to be with others and that does not exclude children. They also have to interact with other people, not just their family members.

– Kids will miss the chance of going through socialization with their peers.

Of course, the decision whether to home-school your child or not is all up to you. Just be sure that your child will get high quality education.

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