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The Product Other People Want

Most of my consulting is done with entrepreneurs rather than large organizations-at this point, I should say, because it frequently changes. Be that as it may, a lot of them are in the marketing, information marketing, Internet marketing arena. A lot of them are saying, “Help me get started up.”

We can do that real easily, and we do have a lot of very deep, high-intensity processing adventures going on. It’s just like how you can attend a week’s school and learn how to fly an airplane, if you’ve never done that. You can attend a three-hour course and learn how to jump out of an airplane, if you’ve never done that.

There’s a lot of things that, with intensity, focus, and being guided and mentored through it, that you can come and make decisions on and put into motion really rather quickly, as in a single weekend or single coaching session.

And they’ll ask me, “What do I do, what can I sell? What product do I want?” Of course, a lot of times I’ll ask them, “Well what turns you on, what jazzes you, what do you want to do?” It’s always a good, positive place to start-what do you want? A lot of times they don’t know that.

It really doesn’t matter, because the product you want is just not what you want. The product you really want, the one behind the veil that you can’t see clearly, is what other people want. What do other people want and need badly enough that they’re willing to give up their money?

Listen, we’ve been skirting real close to recession, and the Big D, depression, for a few months now. And as we speak, it looks like things are still getting worse, not better. But there’s still a lot of us doing well. Hey, if there’s 11% unemployment, which is high, if there’s increasing crime as they say, I haven’t felt that-just like I haven’t felt the recession either.

But there’s a lot going on. And if that’s true, that still means that 89% of the people who want jobs have them. In other words, 89% are employed. So maybe sales are down, maybe income’s down, but it’s not for everybody.

There’s still money circulating. They’re still spending money on something-“What are they still spending money on?” That’s the question you want to ask yourself. And, “How can I provide it, and how can I provide it in a manner where it’s differentiated, and how can I make it easy to convince them to purchase that through me?”

There’s your solution. Give more, make it easy to get started, get creative, provide your perfect product. It’s not what you want to sell, it’s what enough people want to buy to provide the lifestyle that you want.

What are people buying now?

Sales is a moving parade.

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