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The Roof Over Your Head

The majority of people who live and work in this world do not even have a solid roof over their heads. In America, however, roofs are a necessity. With the obscenely high poverty level in America, even those people considered to be in poverty have a roof over their heads, a television, and air conditioning. Roofs are not given the credit they deserve. What would our houses be without roofs? What would our lives as a civilization be without roofs? You may have a greater appreciation for roofing if you have ever had a tree fall on your house, a tornado rip your roof off and throw it across the field, or even just had a leak dripping onto your floor. Most of us, however, probably just live under our roofs without giving the thanks where it is due.

There are many kinds of roofing. What type of roofing you have on your house probably mostly depends on where you live, what materials are available, and what conditions your roof will be exposed to. For example, in California, you often see the red clay tile roofs. They look very authentic, but that is not just an aesthetic choice. Clay tiles are resistant to insects, mold, decay, fire, are will outlast the rest of your house. The downfall to this type of roof is that it is very heavy and expensive to install. Hence why all the rich Californians can afford it. Clay tiles, though, are a good choice for almost any location.

The most popular and inexpensive type of roofing is asphalt shingles. These shingles can either be organic or non-organic, which means they incorporate fiberglass. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and durability levels. This type of roofing is seen all across the country. They are, however, susceptible to wind and ice damage and may need frequent replacement and repair. If you have a certified roofer install your roof, though, they will provide you with a warranty for such repairs.

Slate roofing is long lasting and nearly indestructible. This type of roofing is often seen in New England. Like those clay tiles, slate is very heavy and expensive to install. The high cost of installation, however, may be balanced out by the fact that you will never have to deal with or pay for replacements or repair.

If you want a rustic look, Western Red Cedar wooden tiles are resistant to rot and decay. There are, however, levels of quality. If you want the best wooden shingles, go for the level one.

Whatever roofing you have now or choose to incorporate into your home, remember that you are lucky simply to have the option to have a roof.

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