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The Youth Sized 125cc ATV

A lot of people enjoy camping and taking their family outdoors with their RV. Heading out to campsites or making their own place to set up camp with the family RV, a number of people take their toy hauler and leave the city behind. Loaded with ATV’s and sand rails for tooling around on the dunes of the desert or the open wilderness the families that enjoy spending time together outdoors often bring along a sport utility ride to enhance their fun. Going anywhere through any conditions the larger ATV models deliver a lot of power, but are designed for adult drivers. While two or three people can easily fit on the seat of bigger ATV and enjoy being taken for a ride over the rugged terrain, there are some families that prefer to give their children the thrill of driving their own off road vehicle.

Much smaller yet still powerful the 125 cc ATV is designed specifically for kids to ride. With a tighter frame and small wheel base the youth ATV models are built to the same specifications as their bigger 250, 350 and 500cc vehicles, but have been sized for the smaller bodies of children and teens. By giving them their own vehicles to ride, many families can share a weekend out camping without worrying about taking turns or trading off passengers on the adult sized machines. With the popularity of the sport of off-road driving, many families instill the desire to race over dunes, through rivers and across fields to their younger members early in life. Taking the time to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons the durability of the 125cc ATV is just as hardy as the full size ATV models.

Being able to traverse snow, mud, sand and long grass with ease, the go anywhere attitude of the ATV allows people to explore the back country and discover the natural splendor of America. By taking along a tow trailer, or a toy hauler as well as their camping gear, families can camp out for weeks at a time and have fun driving through all kinds of weather as they test the limits of their ATV. As their parents are able to ride off on their 250 or 500cc machines, the kids can keep up on their perfectly sized 125cc ATV that has been engineered and built to do everything that mom and dad’s ATV is doing. For youth, ATV driving allows them the independence to explore the wilderness on their terms as their parents try to keep up.

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