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Things to Think About When Shipping Medical Material during Hot Weather

When you’re shipping medical material, there are a number of concerns which are much more critical than they are when you’re simply shipping other types of cargo. The reason for this is that when you’re shipping medical material, your trucking service isn’t just moving goods which a customer has bought from you. Instead, they’re shipping something which a person’s life could actually depend on. This is why it’s important that we always think medical shipments through as carefully as possible, and take as many steps as necessary to ensure their success.

One of the largest hurdles that may present itself when shipping medical material is that of the temperature. Hot weather presents a serious risk to most types of medical material. Therefore, when it is hot outside, there are extra precautions and cares that need to be taken in order to ensure that the medical deliveries are made successfully.

The reason medical materials are so susceptible to heat damage is because of their biological nature. When stored individually, most biological materials have a very short half life as it is. However, when heated, that half life can reduce to a fraction of what it originally was. This is the case with the majority of the critical types of medical deliveries which are shipped, such as biological material for testing, transplant organs, and blood for transfusing.

When preparing this type of freight, the containers that they are packed in are going to be of the utmost importance. Even the best preparations and couriers are likely to create situations where the packages are exposed to the outside air for at least a few moments while they are being either loaded or unloaded. The best thing to do is to insulate the cargo as best as possible, that way, even an outside air temperature change will not create a change in the internal temperature of the product itself.

While packing is important, a step that needs to not be overlooked is how important it is to find the right medical courier to move those goods in the first place. Although they will all be certified, all medical couriers are not created equal. You should do some research into the equipment that they use, as well as checking references to make sure that others who have used them have been satisfied with the state of their goods after they have been delivered. This helps ensure your medical material will arrive safely, even when it is extremely hot outside.

Chris Ellis is a consultant for trucking service and Wisconsin Courier companies.