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Those Who Give or Donate More Earn More Money

“Donate more to charitable causes and increase your own income at the same time…” said Mark Hendricks; a world renowned internet ‘GURU’, in a recent presentation.South Asian Earthquake; Nearly 100,000 dead and millions more made homeless. Give them a life line please. Use the link below to make your donation:- Enriching the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves is a function that charitable organisations perform across the world and in some cases under extreme conditions. However, in order to maintain any level of service there has to be a constant and uninterrupted flow of donations. Maintaining a supply demand equilibrium of need to donations is an enormously complex task which requires meticulous planning. Even then it is fraught with difficulties. The associated costs of implementing any plan to increase donations eats into the funds being collected/donated.Mark’s simple idea does away with all these unwanted costs… the supply management fraternity will call it a “Lean” concept without any fat. The costs of launching appeals and collection being the fat referred to in this instance. Here are the bare bones of the 90/10 rule:-

1) Decide on a figures which you can or are able to donate every year.

2) Donate that figures or amount to your preferred charity every year.

3) Then focus on increasing that amount.

4) Working to increase that amount will automatically increase your income.

This is how the idea works in practice.For this illustration, we have adopted a 90/10 rule. However, your rule can be 85/15, 70/30 or whatever goal you set yourself. (90/10… 10% being the figure which you have earmarked for donation to charities every year)Using the above referred 90/10 rule, your charitable donation element is 10% of your annual income.

Assuming an initial income level of $100,000 per year. Your pre-agreed donation; according to the 90/10 rule, is $10,000 per year. In order to increase that 10%, you need to increase your income… you could streamline your business by reducing and eliminating waste.. alternatively, you could improve your offer and increase sales revenue thereby improve your underlying profit..

As a direct result your annual income has now increased to $150,000 for the purposes of this illustration. The charitable element based on your new income level is now $15,000. The chosen charity has gained another $5,000 in donations. The table 1.0 below shows how you as a contributor have benefited from this simple philosophy:-Gross Income 10% for Charities Net Annual Income$100,000 $10,000 $90,000$150,000 $15,000 $135,000Table 1.0Increasing your 10% by $5,000, you have helped yourself because your 90% has now increased from $90,000 to a whopping $135,000. There is a net improvement of $45,000. This figure of $45,000 increase in your income is a testimony to the statement … if you help others the almighty helps you many times over.Please give to causes such as victims of South Asia Earth Quake. Use the link below and make a donation.

Rest assured, your small donation will change the life of someone forever. Your gift may well be a small change to you but your small change will make a big change to some unfortunate person who may have lost all they ever possessed including their loved ones. You may not fill the huge void caused by awful tragedy in their life but you can help them move a long way with your small donation…. Please do help…

Finally, to Mark Hendricks I say this…. Please please ‘Preach’ this idea to more and more people.

Give more and ear more. I encourage you to follow Mr Hendrick’s idea and donate more. And, also create more wealth for yourself. For more info., visit our site donations online at