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Tiki torches Bring a Tropical Feel

Almost everyone who has seen parties in tropical regions would have yearned to throw or attend one such party. Tropical ambience has many attractive things to it – be it the many different types of plants and trees that give the lush green settings or the different types of beautiful flowers. Most of the tropical parties that are conducted in the evenings will have a set of natural lighting such as tiki torches, which complete the setting.

Tiki torches are the best bet to get the natural setting of a party in the tropics. They are small and controllable. Tiki torches can be easily set in a matter of minutes and can burn for several hours. They can be easily extinguished and are normally safe when set up appropriately. Tiki torches can also be placed in patios, along swimming pools, garden walkways or in any outdoor area.

Titi torches come in simple or decorative poles that are about five feet in length. These contain a small reservoir on top. This top has a holder which can hold a bottle or can of fuel. The only fuel to be used with tiki torches is authorized tiki fuel. Some torches do come in options to burn with natural gas or propane gas. The bottle is fitted with a metal top that is normally black in color and has an opening in the middle to allow the thick wick which will be immersed in to the tiki fuel. The wick can be lighted using extended lighters that are available and the torch can burn for several hours.

Tiki torches also come with small safety caps. The torch can be extinguished by placing the cap over the torch. When the torch is not in use, the wicks can be pulled out and kept separately.

Several options are available when it comes to Tiki torches. The most popular and easily available ones are made of bamboo or cane that adds a touch to the tropical ambience. These are very cheap – less than 10 dollars each and are easily available in home improvement stores. Several more sophisticated designs are also available. If you are planning to use Tiki torches near the ocean at a beach house, you can get torches made of copper or brass that can handle the salty atmosphere well.

To install a tiki torch, all you need to do is push the poles of the tick torch which are hollow, into the ground. Many accessories are available along with Tiki torches to ensure safety and convenience. Sometimes in strong winds, the torch can fall over, since the top is heavy. PVC pipes can be used in this case. Pipes of larger diameter than the tiki torch can be first placed in the ground and buried either completely or until the required level and filled with dirt or salt. The torches can be pushed and installed inside the pipes rather than the ground. PVC or metal hats that can be fitted on top of the torches are available to avoid the torches being soiled and prevent birds from damaging the torches.

Tiki torches are great to add some fun to the environment. Ensure safety precautions like having a handy fire extinguisher nearby and purchase only certified torches and fuel, and stricly follow instructions.

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