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Tips for Attracting Visitors to Your Website

Everyone knows that in order to have a successful online business, you need to generate traffic – you need visitors, and you need subscribers to your newsletter or ezine. The way to do this is through advertising your website or sales page on the web, effectively and consistently. Here are some ways to attract visitors to your site:

First you need to have an attractive website. If you are just starting out, it’s not a bad idea to have someone build the website for you, as long as this service provides the option for you to modify the site to your liking once you get more knowledgeable about website design, and learn the basics of HTML. You are not required to make any changes to the pre-built site, but having that option is always nice once you learn the ropes and decide you want to change something on your own.

An attractive website will capture your visitor’s attention immediately. Too many graphics or audio/video loads at first seem appealing, but will slow down the page-load time. If it takes too long to load, your visitors are likely to click off your site and search for what they want elsewhere. A good way of capturing people’s attention is to make your site consistent in color-scheme and design so that when they click a link to another page of your site, they see the same background.

You also want your website to be fairly simple, focusing on one main topic and not being about ten unrelated things. If there are different products or services under the main topic, then provide good navigation on your site so that your visitors can easily find their way from point A to point B without having to search hard for what they want. Your topic will have your visitor’s needs and values in mind. Know who your target market is, and focus on satisfying the needs of that age group, education level, etc.

If you want your visitors to trust you as a good source of information, one way to achieve this is by having a good privacy statement that shows that their privacy will be protected, and providing your contact information on each page so your visitors can get ahold of you. In addition, you want them to provide feedback about your products and services, so providing an email or form so that they can do this is both effective and interactive. Another good way to build trust and capture attention is by offering something for free, such as a free ebook download – an ebook packed with useful information that covers at least some aspects of your website topic. Offering a freebie as a benefit for subscribing to your newsletter is an excellent way to build your subscriber list.

Finally, today’s internet gurus suggest that the best way to attract visitors to your site is by having good content that is maintained and updated regularly. This includes having good articles, a blog, quality links, and submitting your URL to search engine directories so that your site can be found.

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