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Tips on Becoming a Cosmetologist!

A cosmetologist is an individual who helps persons to improve their physical appearance. Most cosmetologists are also trained hair stylists, manicurists, pedicurists, estheticians as well as make-up artists. These persons are highly skilled at what they do and often able to provide quality advice and suggestions to their clients.

Education Requirements

Formal training and education is mandatory for persons seeking entrance to this field. Cosmetologists are required to be licensed in order to be able to operate legally. In some states, individuals must be holders of a high school diploma in order to apply at cosmetology schools. In other states, a GED is accepted. If you do not currently possess a high school diploma or GED, it may be possible for you to still be considered for entry to cosmetology school, if you are currently pursuing your diploma or GED.

These cosmetology classes are available at various local community colleges and special cosmetology schools. The duration of these programs are dependent on the course being pursued; but in most cases the length of these courses can be anywhere from nine months to twenty four months.

Specific standard requirements for licensing tend to vary from state to state. Generally, in most regions, graduation from an accredited school or cosmetologist facility is sufficient to qualify an individual for licensing. Of course, candidates will have to demonstrate their competencies and knowledge in cosmetology techniques by being successful in examinations.


As part of the general curriculum, cosmetology students are exposed to basic areas of cosmetology such as; hair color and scalp treatments, application of chemicals, hair cutting and styling, eyebrow shaping and acrylic nail applications, to name a few. Advanced course topics are not restricted to, but may include topics such as; scalp disorders and disease, hair and scalp analysis, safe work procedures as well as cosmetology law.

Many curricula also incorporate salon management in an effort to provide a well rounded training program. Depending on the approach taken, be prepared to take classes in anatomy, physiology, infection control as well as in chemistry.
Job prospects

As more and more persons become interested in their looks and begin to seek ways to improve their appearance, the need for skilled cosmetologists will inadvertently increase. The job prospects for cosmetologists are excellent, due to the growing demand for such persons. In general, overall employment for all cosmetologists and other personal care workers is said to have increasing at a faster rate than other career options.

Opportunities for entry-level cosmetologists is rather favorable, with the exception of job openings in high-end establishments where the competition is typically very fierce

As cosmetologists become more experienced within the field, they can expect their earnings to significantly increase. A growing population and an increased demand for cosmetology services will continue to push the demand for trained cosmetologists.

A certificate from an accredited beauty school or cosmetology class can get you started on an exciting and rewarding career path. As is, with any other career, an ambitious, focused approach is necessary to reap the rewards of success.

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