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To Get Credit Card Settlement at Zero Cost – Is it Possible?

Well, as the saying goes “there is no free lunch in this world,” there is nothing for free except the air you breathe in freely every second every moment, so as your dream that you make every day, you can even build the castle in the air – all these are free! However, when it’s on credit card settlement at zero cost – is it possible? Frankly speaking, there isn’t services at zero cost so far except ways of solving the debt settlement.

Firstly, try to negotiate with the bank on the repayment term. You can choose how you want to pay your debts in which payment method and how long are you going to repay all the debts. This can help to prohibit some calls from credit card collectors, harassment from them or even non stop emails on repayment of debts. To negotiate with the bank, you have to make sure to get ready with your debt settlement letter, address your hardship in paying the debts in short term and put in all you suggestions on how you can pay the debts.

Secondly, find way on how to deal with phone calls or email from debt collectors. When you received email from the debt collectors or bank, requesting for payment of debts on time, you could reply with politeness to give you some time frame to settle your financial hardship first secondary to debts. Debt settlement letter is to be attached with the email as a formal communication. Other than that, don’t close or not-to-answer the phone call from the debt collectors. Although they might say something harsh to you just to make you to pay the debts, but try to think that that’s part of their job duties. You can tell them your difficulty in paying off the debts and suggestions on how you can pay the debts.

As there is not credit card settlement at zero cost, if you consider finding you parents to clear off your debts, that’s not really a good long term solution. You have to solve your own issue yourself though. Start to save from now on!

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