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To Use or Not to Use Google Adwords

One of the big questions internet marketers face when advertising their online business is what is all the hype about Google Adwords, and is it something I should be using to advertise my business or not?

Let me tell you that Google Adwords is huge and is perhaps the best advertising tool available. With Google Adwords, you create a brief ad for your business packed with keywords and phrases that you choose yourself. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad in a “pay-per-click” system.

The advantage of using Google Adwords is that you can get ranked on the first page of hits in a Google search. You also get to determine how much you will pay per click, and this can be as low as one cent! You can also determine for yourself how much you want to spend in advertising dollars per day with Google Adwords, and once your limit is reached, then the ad stops running.

However, Google Adwords can be tricky if you don’t understand it completely. You need to use a good keyword selector tool that allows you to type in a term related to your business to see how many people make requests for those keywords and phrases. Many people think that it’s best to choose keywords with the largest number of hits. When you do this though, you discover that the price for those keywords is high since they are in high demand. You may end up paying big bucks each time someone clicks on your add, and this could quickly deplete your bank account! The key is to choose the lower demand keywords, or even use misspelled versions of the words so that the price per click stays low.

Before deciding to use Google Adwords, it’s almost a must that you invest in Perry Marshall’s book The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords. Without it, you may be taking a big risk and you may lose more money than you have or intended to spend.

Google Adwords can make you a fortune if you know what you’re doing, but make sure you learn all you can about what you are getting yourself into so that it doesn’t backfire on you! I have yet to read the Definitive Guide and try it out myself, but from what I hear, it is worth learning about and a great way to advertise your business!

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