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Tooth Loss And Dental Implants

We’ve all seen people, whether in person or on television, that are missing teeth when they smile. Sometimes, perhaps due to inherited reasons, tooth loss cannot be easily prevented. For others, tooth loss occurs as a result of an injury, accident, or lack of oral hygiene. Dental implants in Manhattan and other areas around the United States can help replace lost teeth.

Why replace missing teeth? Missing teeth can affect your long term oral and medical health. Resorption is a process where the supporting bone in the jaw begins to dissolve. This happens when a tooth is lost, either from extractions or gum disease. The longer a tooth is missing, the greater the amount of bone loss. Resorption of the jawbone makes it hard to eat and chew food. Over time, as more jaw bone disintegrates, it becomes extremely difficult to receive any dental restoration. Gaps where the teeth are missing may also affect how the jaw closes and the tilt of the teeth. Teeth may shift into the gaps which can lead to problems with your bite and TMJ syndrome, a problem with the jaw joint.

Dental implants are replacements for missing teeth that provide the same function as the natural tooth root. No longer are dentures the only answer. Dental implants are made to match the missing tooth, and have a natural-looking appearance. Small yet strong, the implanted titanium post becomes the root structure and functions the same as the structure for a natural tooth. A dental implant may be placed into the upper and lower jaw bone. Once the bone has grown around the implant, the implant is very durable and can hold a crown or bridge just like roots hold natural teeth in place.

Maintenance for dental implants is the same as with natural teeth. The implants must be brushed and flossed regularly. Dental implants will last longer if they are properly cared for as natural teeth should be. Checkups should be scheduled every three months for the first year after dental implants are placed in the mouth. The checkups make sure the implant is still stable and the implant tissues are healthy. If an implant is no longer stable, or there is implant mobility, the dentist should be seen. This could mean that the tissues around the implant are weak or that the bone has not fully grown around the implant.

Losing a tooth may not seem like a big deal to some, but the truth is it can affect your oral and medical health. Dental implants in Manhattan, or your local area, are a permanent replacement for tooth loss.

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