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Top 7 Sites to Help You Make Money from Your Blog

Blogs are a simple and easy way for you to make money from your business. Not only can you use a blog as a public relations tool, you can also use it as a way to communicate with potential customers who visit your site. You can also use your blog as a way to generate income.

Before you try to generate income though, you need a blog. Below are seven sites where you can either get a blog where you can make money, or you can use the site as a passive income generator.

1. Blogger – – Blogger allows you to create a free blog. Once you’ve created your blog, you can add Google Adsense to it. If you understand how to write HTML, you can also customize the template for your new blog site so that you can add other streams of revenue, or different streams of revenue. This is a great site to use to create a blog, especially if you don’t want the hassles of writing HTML or installing any scripts.

2. Writing Up – – Writing Up allows you to create a free blog using the Drupal content management system. Similar to Blogger, your blog resides on the host system. What’s different is that blog creation is simpler, you share the revenue from your Google Adsense, and they market the entire site, which means they do your marketing for you. Although you can also market your site if you like, you don’t have to. This is a great solution for those who want a quick and easy blog set up that’s simple to use, as well as eliminating the hassles of marketing.

3. Qumana – – Quamana is a blogging software you can use to publish posts to your blog. It also offers an ad program, which is actually images which look like text ads, that you can add to your page. Since the ad is an image, and it’s keyword targeted, you can use this in addition to Google Adsense.

4. Virtual Portals – – This site will help you do two things for your blog: you can offer a completely searchable Clickbank catalog, as well as integrate Adsense type ads into your blog. One caveat here: if you are using Google Adsense ads on one page, you probably shouldn’t put Virtual Portals ads on the same page. This is because Google’s terms of service state that Google Adsense ads cannot be placed on the same page as competing ads.

5. Affiliate Sensor – – Affiliate Sensor is very similar to Virtual Portals in that it also offers Adsense type ads. However, it doesn’t offer a searchable catalog. Affiliate Sensor is best used to create ads for your alternate URL in Google Adsense so that your site doesn’t show public service ads when no other ads are available.

6. Google Adsense – – This is probably the largest ad revenue program on the internet, and it’s very easy to make money adding Adsense to your site. This program also gives you an additional stream of revenue.

7. Chitika – – This program allows you to place image type product ads on your site. You choose the keywords that you use, and Chitika will offer up ads from those keywords. These ads can be used in addition to Google Adsense provided you disable the contextual ads and choose your own terms. The only limitation in this program is that the ads are often for physical products like computers, so you will only want to choose this program if you can find ads that fit well with your blog content.

There are many ways that you can make money with your blog, including writing blog novels, writing product reviews for affiliate programs, and others. However, these programs will help you quickly get started in generating revenue for your blog.

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