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Top Home Based Businesses Provide Excellent Customer Service

Top home based businesses provide excellent customer service because they know the value and importance of their customers, so they treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Customers are very valuable to all businesses and home businesses are no exception. Therefore they should be treated with respect, dignity and professionalism.

When dealing with your customers, think about the times when you were not treated well, such as when you went into a store and were ignored or the staff were rude to you. How did you feel? Did you go back to that store?

The same applies to your customers. When they come to you to purchase your products or service, you should always greet them warmly, no matter how you are feeling personally. A warm, happy smile and lovely greeting always works wonders. They may be already in a sad or bad mood because of other circumstances so they would appreciate a bright, happy face – they do not want to be greeted with a grumpy person. Do not burden them with your own troubles as they probably have enough of their own.

If you are busy with another customer or on the phone when the customer walks in, do not ignore them. Excuse yourself from your current customer for a moment, turn to the new customer and acknowledge them and let them know that you will soon be with them. If you are on the phone then look directly at the customer, smile at them and give them an indication that you will be with them shortly. It is so rude to simply ignore your customers to chat to others or do other work; after all, they are there to give you business and not the other way around.

Treat them as if they were the only person in the world, and, in fact they are, at that particular time, they only one for you.

If the customer has a bad experience with you, not only will they not come back, but they will tell others of their experience so you will lose future prospective customers. Word of mouth advertising is the best method available to get customers so you do not want to waste one opportunity.

Always answer the telephone within 5 rings as there is nothing worse for a customer to hear that ring-ring-ring again and again. If it goes on too long then they will assume that no one is there and hang up – never to return. They will then simply ring your competitor. Your greeting should be a happy, pleasant and welcoming one. Have a smile on your face when you answer as this does reflect in your voice. Ensure that the tone of your voice is pleasant too – do not be grumpy and do not proceed to tell them what a bad day you are having as they are probably having one too.

Follow up on promises to get back to customers when you say you will. It is imperative that promises that are made are kept. If you know that you will not be able to get back to them, then do not say you will. Always do everything you say in a professional and timely manner.

If you do not have the goods or service that the customer wants or needs at that particular time you may want to direct them to where they can get them. This may not seem a good idea; however, you will reap the rewards later.

Do not try to make too much money out of the customer. Ask the customer what they need and listen very carefully so that you can provide them with the ideal solution.

Customers will appreciate you so much more if you try to work out a solution for them that will save them money in the long run. For example, say you sell computers, then do not sell them the dearest model that has all the bells and whistles on it that they never need, instead inform them that a cheaper model would be better for them because as they do not have a need for these items it is better for them not to pay precious money for these options. We all appreciate it when salespeople actually look after how much comes out of our wallets and how much stays in.

The most important way to have good customer service is to treat your customers in the manner in which you like to be treated.

By treating your customers well, you will have great top home based businesses!!

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