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Transformers 2 Megatron and Optimus Prime Come Alive

Transformers 2 is one of the most bountiful movies to date in its genre in graphics and screen technologies. The action scenes are insane and the visuals are nothing short of astonishing. Having been the crowning jewel of the series so far, Transformers 2 have now become a true and direct part of our lives.

There is much to be said about the imaginative power behind this blockbuster, in that it propels you to another place and time. The stark realness in the movie is what justifies that you really are there, and that what your seeing is really happening….somewhere.

Transformers 2 is very cool and very action packed. Plot wise there is a little pre-knowledge on the part of the watcher in order to catch the wave of Transformers 2 but a newbie won’t have any trouble thoroughly enjoying it.

It really takes a dedicated technical crew to assemble one of the most enormous programming undertakings ever in a full feature motion picture. The sheer size of Transformers 2 is what amazes (148 Terabytes). But what really shocks and amazes is the mind-blowing end product. Eye-popping shocks around every corner and more on the way all the time!

Transformers 2 is worth seeing not just for the excitement, but for the tricks it plays on you while you’re watching it in true 3D surround. Neato isn’t the word for it. Neither is Killer. I think the word for Transformers 2 would simply be “graphuncious”. I am a huge fan of nice graphics and effects, and these are mighty tasty ones.

Here are some off the hook technicals about the movie and what creating it actually entailed:

1. In the first movie Transformers, there were 14 robots. Now there is 46. What happened?

2. If you had of all the gold ever extracted since man walked the earth, you would still not even have enough to make HALF of Devastator. Big dude…

3. Optimus Prime will appear life size in fight shots when you finally get to see him at the IMAX. That should be interesting to say the least.

4. Clocked at 390 mph was Devastators hand when he hit the pyramid (ouch). That’s movin.

5. If you took all the parts to all the robots and layed them out end to end they would stretch out 180 miles.

6. All of Devastator’s parts joined end to end would be as tall as 58 empire state buildings.

DISK SPACE– Transformers 1 took 20 Terabytes of disk space. Transformers 2 required over 145 Terabytes. Quite an improvement.

Pretty impressive movie and even more impressive video rendering. Even better than the real thing!

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