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Triple Treat from The HVAC Fairfax

The design firm Fairfax carries HVAC Fairfax products that may likewise bring comfort to your dwelling by offering an array of services from design to delivery.

HVAC is also known as climate control. Comfort is maintained by three essential functions to regulate elements to acceptable ranges. Most medium to large industrial and office buildings find the importance of incorporating HVAC in the designs. Utility bills are saved by this energy conversion system. Your electricity expense is cut back as you bear in mind global warming issues. Cooling or natural gas results from converting electricity. The gas is then converted to heat. With lesser environmental effects, your electricity use is decreased and expense is reduced.

Regulating body temperature is impaired by a very humid atmosphere. Fatigue with the decrease of physical strength results from high humidity. The spreading of airborne sickness and allergies are caused by stagnant air. Some illnesses may occur from an unhealthy surrounding. Room temperature, humidity and air flow can be regulated by the HVAC system. These risks to your health are minimized by effective control of these factors.

During colder weather conditions, adequate room temperature is maintained by heating. Oxygen gets in as carbon dioxide is allowed to go out by ventilation. The heat as well as ventilation is controlled by the air-conditioning system. These three closely-related functions in offices, other building structures, and your home are performed by an HVAC.

The climate control system may be a computerized control system. It must be networked to be considered a control system. Typically, it uses one or more central controllers. The remote terminal unit is controlled and monitored by these controllers. The system which allows central control of many HVAC units works well on large commercial and industrial buildings.

Correct air flow must be provided by your HVAC system. Calculated heating and cooling loads must be met room-by-room. Proper air flow must be provided by a sealed supply ductwork. Its return ductwork must be sealed to avoid air entering the system with proper air flow. Neutral pressure should be maintained by a balanced supply and return systems. A proper burner operation and proper draft are important features of a quality HVAC system.

To ensure efficiency and comfort, your HVAC system follows design and installation steps. The room-by-room loads and air-flows are calculated first. The layout duct system is sized according to calculation procedures. Sensible load determines the size of the HVAC equipment. Design specifications are used to install equipment and ducts. The system is then charged appropriately. Testing your system is done to ensure proper performance. Climactic conditions may require heating and cooling of outdoor air to provide you comfort. Adding the HVAC Fairfax often provides the solution.

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