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TXTWorx Delivers More Than Just Your Message

TXTWorx Delivers More Than Just Your Message
Mobile TXT Messaging is HOT! The CTIA Survey noted that 1.5 trillion text messages were sent in 2009 alone! That is almost 5 BILLION text messages per day! Even more important, there was a 26% increase in the volume of text messaging from 2008!
The most amazing component to the wireless messaging industry is that the market is JUST getting started. We are seeing mobile marketing options just start to emerge onto the stage and this will change how doctors, restaurants, hairdressers, and every type of business markets to their clients. WATCH for EMERGING trends like:
• MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: Text Messaging reminders from your doctors, veterinarians, medical appoints. “Dear Bob, just a quick reminder that your appointment is for Thursday, August 20, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.”
• RESTAURANTS: Text messages sent to clients when their table is ready or as a reminder of their reservation.
• SMALL BUSINESSES: Sending mobile coupons, discounts and special offers via mobile marketing to their clients. “Thursday is our 20% off for Seniors Day!”
• LARGE BUSINESSES: We are already seeing large corporations marketing new product launches, and many creative business solutions.
• PROMOTIONAL EVENTS: Events, News, Press or to RSVP for the next big event in your city.
• AFFILIATE/NETWORK MARKETERS: Broadcast to your optin list for your next Gig or Training material. Be sure to get a 97% Read Rate!
No longer is the text messaging industry for JUST youth to communicate rapidly between themselves! The business community is finding many low cost and very creative ways to use text messaging to increase their sales, and how to rapidly respond to a market that says “TEXT ME!”
The latest cellular industry research states that 97% of the text marketing messages are opened and read within 14 MINUTES!!
No wonder that customers are flocking to companies like TxtWorx who have customer features like:
• 24/7 online access to the TxtWorx Mobile Marketing Application
• 100 Text Messages each month (unused messages will roll over to following month)
• 1 Dedicated Keyword (works like a phone number)
• Free contact list import tool with unlimited contacts in your account (Excel or any CSV file)
• Unlimited sub-keyword (your dedicated keyword with a number after it. Eg. TW309, TW3090, TW3091, etc.)
• Unlimited Mobile Webpage creation
• Geo-Targeting to a specific customer profile or location for various marketing needs
• Real-time reports (view activity by time of day and advertising campaign)
• Secure servers to protect personal information and customer details

Customers of TxtWorx , can also just NOW benefit from their referral network! Not only are you able to use their mobile marketing system but you too can refer customers to this company and EARN through their unique referral program , The MOBILITY market is really coming alive with marketing solutions for everyone. The DEMAND and CREATIVITY is hot and for those of you who love to communicate or expand your reach you too can learn to earn how to earn a piece of the very large pie. Follow dis FaceBook page
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