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Types And Factors To Consider In Website Hosting

Today, there are thousands of terminologies used. One such terminology is web hosting. This term simply refers to connecting a website to the World Wide Web. In web hosting, a powerful PC plays the role of a web server which is basically serving up websites.

In this computer or server, the websites contents of the users remain in it and thus allowing people surfing the internet to access their websites.

Generally, hosting is classified into various categories that depend on factors such as economical. One of these categories includes free hosting, which is meant for freelance or personal use. In this category, the bandwidth is limited, there’re pop-up, no customer support, ads and low performance.

Another category in web hosting is shared host, where one server is shared by several websites. It’s suitable for small and medium sized businesses as well as personal use. Shared host is a bit cheaper and features vary depending on how much you pay. However, performance in this kind of hosting depends on the number of websites sharing a server. i.e. the more the websites, the less you get in terms of performance.

Dedicated hosting is also another type. This kind of hosting is more reliable since a whole server is set aside for only one website. It allows you as the website owner to have full control of the server and create as many websites as you can. It’s more suitable for large businesses or persons running websites with thousands of visitors at a go.

Some of the benefits associated with kind of hosting are as follows; Reliability in performance, security and maintenance are handled by the service provider, the provider has responsibility in connectivity, replacing components as well as solving any technical hitches and finally should there be a failure, you get reimbursement depending on the severity and agreement with your service provider.

Reseller hosting is also another option when it comes to web hosting. Here web server storage is sold to resellers at a discount. Next, is collocated hosting where the customer owns the server. It’s much more expensive and quite similar to dedicated hosting. The major difference is that in this type of hosting the customer owns the hardware instead of renting. However, the server is stationed at the provider’s data center.

Before settling for a certain type of web hosting, you need to consider a few things. Firstly, the web space required. For basic information or personal use excluding web applications only, a small space is required. However, for a complex site with different applications, a large space is required. Secondly, consider the bandwidth. If your site contains complex graphic details, images, banners etc, go for a bigger bandwidth.

Email accounts available are also important to consider when selecting a type of web hosting. Consider the number of emails you need to set up. Technical support and server, tools and control panel are also important to consider. Good technical support will take less than a day in responsive time.

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