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Types of Forklift Trucks

For those who want to set up their own construction firm, or for those who just want to have a good reader about forklift trucks. Here is the list of types of forklift trucks based on their structure.

1. Standard Ones – These are the heavy machinery of this category. They are huge and bulky, and you’ll mostly see them in warehouses lifting crates and boxes. These trucks can lift up to 4,000 pounds, nearly 4 tons, and they can lift their cargo up to heights of 20 feet.

2. Reach Vehicles – These are the particular kind of vehicle you see being powered by electricity. Their main use is to file storages, evidenced by the 40 feet maximum they can lift their loads up to.

3. Order Selector – These are the younger brothers of the reach models. They can lift less, and have a much more narrow structure. Like reach trucks, they can lift loads up to heights of 40 feet.

4. Motorized Pallet Mobiles – Most of the time, people call these autos as walkies, riders or a combination of both, walkie riders. As derived from its name, these trucks move on their own and it would not require the operator to operate the truck as it moves its load.

5. Swing Mass Types – Just like the category and order selectors, this type of vehicles have a narrow aisle. Most people often mistake this kind of motor with standard motors, due to their similar appearance. Both of them work the same, but the swing mass category of mobile can only swing masts up to 90 degrees only.

6. Turret Types – This type of forklift trucks work and look the same as order selectors. One main difference though, is that turret trucks are able to swing their forks up to 90 degrees on both sides.

You are advised to make use of this information to enable you to make more informed decisions when it comes to dealing with these instruments in your business.

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