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Ultra Modern Star CNC Lathes

CNC lathes offer the machinist a degree of reliability never before seen in lathes. Computer Numeric Controlled, or CNC lathes, are completely controlled by computers. Ultra modern Star CNC lathes utilize an interface that allows the user to input design specifications. Typically this is done via CAD drawings. These specifications are then translated, allowing the lathes to turn out perfectly turned pieces with a minimum of effort by the user. While the machinist is, in effect, simply managing the processes, todays machinist hold a wealth of knowledge that allows them to understand the intricacies not only of lathing, but of the processes that allow the CNC lathe to work.

These lathes also offer the user the ability to machine pieces to exacting standards, even to the thousandth of an inch. This precision has never been achieved before. The lathe can create perfect pieces each and every time, with no variation.

One of the biggest changes with the ultra modern Star CNC lathe is the ability to machine a variety of materials. While lathes were originally created to machine wood, metalworking lathes soon became commonplace. Todays industry demands a wider variety of raw materials, including plastic. Models of CNC lathes are available to machine all of the most common manufacturing materials.

Another feature of the ultra modern Star CNC lathe is the ability to incorporate carbide tooling. These ultra hard bits allow the user to machine even the hardest of materials. Depending on the requirements, the CNC lathe can be programmed to do the work or two or more machines, saving time, energy and creating less waste. Some CNC lathes are enclosed, allowing users to machine materials that may otherwise be harmful.
As technology has grown and computers and their programs have become more affordable, the world of the CNC lathe has changed as well. Today it is possible to economically purchase CNC lathes. They come in a variety of sizes, making it feasible to use a CNC lathe for any industrial application.

The lathe is the backbone of manufacturing. They have changed the way we create the things we need. The ultra modern Star CNC lathe is by far the latest in a long line of lathes. They allow for ultimate control and are completely programmable. Finding the CNC lathe that is most suitable for your purposes may very well be the first step towards revolutionizing the way you do your business.

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