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Use A Grow Light To Start Your Seedlings Indoors

In some areas where people might like to grow a garden, the planting and growing season is not quite as lengthy as it is in some places like the deep south. This means that if you want to grow a good vegetable garden, you will need to take advantage of every bit of the growing season that you have. Many people will start their vegetable plants indoors from seeds in containers of some sort in order to get a jump on the growing season and have plants that are already sprouted and developed to a certain stage when the time is right to plant.

You can buy containers to start your seedlings if you choose to, but there are a variety of containers that you can save during the winter months to use instead. Things like egg cartons, styrofoam or cardboard work really well because you can use one cartoon and have a dozen of the same vegetable in one neat container. Other containers include yogurt cups, pudding cups, plastic butter bowls, sour cream bowls, any type of small plastic containers you buy food in. If you cut the bottoms of of plastic or cardboard juice or milk containers, they work well too or two liter plastic soda bottles. Just be sure to wash any of these containers before you put in soil and seeds.

Once you have your containers ready to use, you will likely need long flat trays to sit the containers in. The containers will need to have a puncture or two in the bottom so excess water can drain out and into the flat tray. This will keep too much water from rotting your seeds or roots. Most of the seedlings you grow will need to be kept a little moist, but not drenched. You should follow instructions on the seed packets you buy or consult a professional at your local gardening center.

When it comes to using grow lights, they can be an added benefit to starting seedlings. More light means that their growth can be sped up. However, you will need to make sure you use the correct lighting and use it for the recommended amount of time. Using a light that is too strong or for too long can cause some plants to be leggy and therefore their stalks will not be as durable. They can become top heavy and not as healthy as they could be. Becoming a good vegetable garden grower takes time and experience. If you are a beginning gardener, read as much as you can and consult with other gardeners to gain their useful knowledge before you plant anything.

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