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Virtual PBX System Features For Entrepreneurs

Virtual PBX system use is on the rise. The technology, sometimes also called a virtual phone system, has been around for some time, yet seems to have very recently seen large growth in the business world. Small and medium sized businesses, home based businesses, start ups, entrepreneurs… they are all increasingly integrating virtual PBX systems into their communications.

One of the biggest groups using virtual pbx systems are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs find the features and costs of virtual phone systems to fit perfectly within their businesses and their budgets. Here are 3 of the top features for entrepreneurs:

1. Call Forwarding – Call Forwarding allows for calls to be routed to any other phone number where the entrepreneur wants to receive their calls. It can be a business phone, cell phone, VoIP number, home line, Skype number, etc. The virtual pbx system even allows them to schedule certain times of day and days of the week where they can be reached at different places. Or they can set it up to try multiple numbers until the call is answered or sent to voice mail. This feature is perfect for mobile professionals that need to be on the go and can’t afford the productivity lost by being chained to their desk waiting for a phone call.

2. Automated Attendant – Entrepreneurs like the automated attendant of a virtual pbx system for a number of reasons. One, they don’t have to hire, and pay, someone to answer and route calls. The automated attendant will answer and route calls professionally every time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for a fraction of the cost of a receptionist. Two, it instantly gives the entrepreneur the image of a professional and established business whether they have been in business for 15 years or 15 minutes. Three, It allows them to set up multiple extensions for different departments or employees and route calls across the room or across the world from just one phone number.

3. Scalability – Entrepreneurs plan for growth. One of the reasons they use a virtual PBX system is because it is scalable. As well, most services are on a month to month basis which means there no long term contracts. This way, an entrepreneur can have a phone system that grows with them as their business grows.

Entrepreneurs thrive on tools that are affordable while allowing them the flexibility to build their business. Vital to their ability to be on the go and grow their business is a stable and professional image. That is why so many of them are turning to a virtual PBX system for their communications.

Brandi Armstrong is an expert author on the unique issues facing entrepreneurs today and how technology can help solve these issues. Click virtual PBX system to learn more about using one in your business. Or for a 15 Day FREE Trial visit, a leading virtual phone system provider for entrepreneurs.