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Water Damage Leads To Mold

In every home and building mold can build up behind the walls and under the floors. Around the bathroom especially, the water that spills onto the floor from the shower or sink can make its way into the floor or be absorbed by the wooden baseboards. When water is allowed to sit on the floor instead of being cleaned up right away, it will find its own way out of the bathroom. Over time the water that has seeped into the walls and floor of the house will form mildew and mold inside the recesses of the house. Hidden away in the dark damp spaces between the drywall and the framing the mold continues to grow and infest the house.

While the trapped mold poses no immediate threat to the homeowner the buildup of mildew over the years can be toxic. For mold remediation, Washington DC residents can call in an expert to help them cleanout the mold and repair any water damage that has been done to their home over the course of time. While the bathroom is the most common place to find mildew and mold, it is not the only place where water damage can become a problem. In the kitchen and laundry room the use of water can escape the sink and washing machine and leak behind countertops and walls to form mold elsewhere in the house.

Even in the attic people have found leaks from the roof that have created water damage. Washington DC neighborhoods that have stood for a number of decades sometime have small leaks in the roofing that are undetectable to the untrained eye. As rain water seeps into the rafters and drips down into the attic, the mold begins to form and if left unnoticed can eventually lead to thousands of dollars in water damage. Washington DC residents have occasionally been the victim of a collapsed roof or ceiling as the buildup of water has weakened the supports of the house and given way from the weight of the roof above. Of course this type of water damage takes years to build up. But as with the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen a little water that is not picked up can lead to mold and rot that can destroy a home from the inside. Fortunately, there are professionals that can clean up the mildew and repair the water damaged parts of the house. By using mold remediation Washington DC residents can keep their house free of the toxic fungus that hides behind their walls and under the floor.

American Restoration Service ( Consider what we really do for mold remediation in Washington DC when there is a requirement to remove structural materials from damaged structures.