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Ways in Which Cosmetologists Earn Their Salaries

For most persons having a desire to enter the cosmetology industry, information about the average cosmetologist’s salary becomes very important. Cosmetology is a profession which provides opportunities for entry into various career paths. If you so desire, you can enter very quickly into the fast-paced world of fashion and glamour, or you can take it slowly by operating a sole proprietor business within your locale.

Cosmetologists are innovators in a fast moving world of fashion. They keep up to date with the latest trends in order to be able to satisfactorily satisfy the requirements of clients.

On of the most appealing features relating to cosmetology, is the fact that it is incredibly flexible and can allow the cosmetologist to set their own hours of work as well as their rates. Cosmetologists in general do not always make a significant income; and the level of income earned is directly dependent on a number of variables.

Ways to Earn

The actual level of income is highly dependent upon the place of employment, the area from which you operate and the variety of skills possessed. Cosmetologists earn an income through a combination of wages, commissions, annual salaries and tips.

Wages – Many salon chains use this method as the preferred way of compensating their cosmetologists. The hourly wage will be most times based on the going competitive rate associated with the particular region. Hourly wages are only paid for the time spent with a client.

Commissions – A percentage of the fee collected from the customer will be paid to the cosmetologist who provided the service. In cases like this, the salon pays for all the overheads, products and equipment needed for the running of the business and the cosmetologist is seen as being self-employed. They may also be paid commissions for recommending products sold by the salon to clients, as well as they may be compensated for bringing in new business to the salon.

Salaries – Some salons, usually the more established ones have cosmetologists on their pay bill as full time employees. Cosmetologists that are on a salon’s payroll are normally granted the usual perks such as vacations days and bonuses.

Booth Rental – This is actually a very common approach that most cosmetologists take once they have established a loyal client base. Rent is paid to the owner of the salon for the use of a booth within the salon. The cosmetologist purchases all the equipment and products which they need; issues such as utilities and other expenses are normally covered by the monthly rental fee.

Tips – Most clients will normally present cosmetologists with hefty tips as an appreciation for a job well done. These tips can be an excellent supplement to a cosmetologist’s income.

There are many ways to earn a reasonable income as a cosmetologist. The more skilled a cosmetologist becomes, the wider their client base will be. Such as cosmetologist will now be able to offer more specialized services, which inadvertently commands higher rates. No matter where you work, developing a loyal customer list is the key to maximizing your earnings.

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