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What Do I Do If My COD Shipment Is Refused?

There are some hazards that come along with shipping COD that you don’t have to worry about when you’re using other methods of courier services. If you’re using your courier in NJ to ship to your customers COD, there is one thing that you always need to be prepared for. This is the eventuality that your package may be refused, as no matter what agreement you have with them, when shipping COD, they are always going to have this option.

Don’t let the fear of a COD shipment being refused stop you from shipping COD however. Customers love having this option available to them. It makes them feel that the company has faith in their product. When something is shipped to the customer on a COD basis, they realize that if they receive something that isn’t as advertised, or which is exceptionally poor quality, they may simply decide to send it back. So when a company is willing to ship COD they are in effect telling the customer, “We know you’ll love our product”. This means that by offering COD shipping, you may actually profit more by that increased trust, even if a few customers decide to send back their products.

The first thing to realize is that if someone does send back something that was sent to them COD, you are going to be responsible for some shipping costs. Most people that ship something COD pass the cost of shipping along to the customer. If the package is going to be refused, that obviously isn’t going to get paid. Therefore be prepared to pay for the shipping to the customer, as well as whatever it will cost to have the package returned to you.

If a customer does return a shipment that was sent to them COD though, you should take a moment to think about why the package was returned. It is true that sometimes a customer will just return a package because they’ve changed their mind, or decided that they no longer want to spend the money on your products. This is unavoidable. However, there are times when a customer might return a product because they have a valid complaint. It is important to examine these, as you may find ways to improve the way that your company does business, or a way to improve your product itself, leading to a more profitable and productive business in the future.

Everette is a consultant for new jersey delivery service and nj same day delivery companies as well as national courier service businesses.