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What Do You Really Need to Setup an E-Commerce Site for Small Business?

Once you start with an e-commerce site, a vicious circle of productivity, cost cutting measures and profits start that have to be regulated simultaneously keeping the following points in mind as you grow:


You need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. But that is not all you need to analyze your e-commerce site and be updated with your statistics. Online tools like Google Analytics will help you to squeeze more juice out of your venture it is real time analytics tool which is one of the best in business.

Analytics tools such as these have “parts” that divide your statistic workload and thereby increase productivity. For example, advanced segments will help you cater to different groups of people, say from different countries. Custom reports will help you add segments to your analysis and know better about your customer base.

Creating filters will help you segregate customer types, likes and dislikes in the first place. Intelligence helps to analyze and predict traffic and patterns that are essential for a businessman to forecast and pre-plan his credit flow in advance.


Having a foresight is important when youre doing business with an e-commerce site. Thankfully, men need not be genius always, they just need to be smart by using smart tools that help you visualize. Such tools convert written text to “visualized text” that looks attractive as well as is an attention grabber.

Another feature which dims all others and highlights only the “hot” areas is called the Heat Map. They work like heat seeking devices that “show” you the hottest activity around. Similarly, Heat Maps seeks to bring the most important areas of your e-commerce site.


Your e-commerce site has to be so designed that the customers find the “clicks” as they expect them to be. You cannot go too
“creative” about placement of these buttons and bars. Also, they are to be kept as simple as you can they must not look out of place. Product information also needs to be progressively increased.

In case you hide the info till the last click it will lead to rejection of your site. Keep in mind that your customers are information hungry but they wont like all the info on the first page itself. That is why a “progressive disclosure” attitude has to be adopted.

Checking errors, checkouts and feedback are the rest of the parts which complete you e-commerce site. You customers need to make sure that they have ended a transaction at your site.

It reassures them of good service. DO NOT force a feedback from them. Gently present the feedback option to them. The word “option” is important. Customers want options. That is they should be at the liberty to choose whether they want to give a feedback of not.

Testing and re-testing will make your page closer to perfection if not perfect. Always keep testing on a priority basis.

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