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What Exactly Is The Attraction With Slot Machines?

When you think of a casino, whether it’s one on the famous Las Vegas Strip or a small establishment in your local town, what’s the first game you think of?

Texas Hold Em poker, perhaps?

How about high stakes Omaha?

Or the ever popular blackjack?

Now, as you think of these games first, it’s likely that you also think that they’re the most popular, too.

And in one respect, they are – ask a selection of new people going to a casino what they’re going to play first and it’s likely they’ll say a card game such as poker or blackjack.

But in another – and if looking at how many games are played – these games aren’t the most popular. The truth is, the ones that are the most popular are some of the lowest stakes ones possible – slot machines.

Why is it, though, that these simple games, involving you to do not a great deal more than put a coin into a machine and press a button or pull a lever, are so popular and for the casino, financially lucrative?

According to data provided by, there are 197,144 slot machines in Las Vegas – that’s an average of over 1,600 in each of the 122 Las Vegas casinos.

If you’ve never visited, you might not believe this – every image and video you see of a Las Vegas casino seems to show people round a poker table, right?

If you have been into a Las Vegas casino, however, you’ll understand how much of a misconception this is and that just how much of the casinos’ floors are taken up by slot machines.

The reason behind the sheer amount of slot machines is simple and is purely because there’s the call for them.

Just like any other business, casino owners provide what their customers want and as has been found over the past few decades (in Las Vegas in particular), the majority of people want to play in a casino, but don’t want to risk a lot of their own money and slots provide the perfect solution.

It’s understandable if this comes as a little surprise. It’s easy to think that casino owners would want to put as many high rolling tables in as they could to encourage people with a lot of money to attend and gamble their own money.

The problem is that whether you believe it or not, high rollers are actually a particularly small group of gamblers and the largest, particularly in Las Vegas, is easily the tourist group.

Coming to Las Vegas to see the glitz and glamour of the area, the one thing that they feel they definitely have to do whilst there is to play in a casino. But with a lot of people not knowing how to play poker or blackjack or not having the money to spare, an easy option like slots means you can enjoy the casino atmosphere without having to be a seasoned gambler.

The reason why slots are so popular is simply for the fact that they offer cheap and easy gambling that doesn’t require a lot of thought or concentration. You can walk into a casino, sit down at a slot machine and whether you have 10 pounds or 100 pounds enjoy a great time gambling.

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