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What is the Best Way to Reach a Courier?

Courier companies can now be contacted a lot of different ways. When you need your courier company to make a delivery for you, you’re going to have options such as contacting them by telephone, by email, through fax, in person, or through the internet. Your Houston same day delivery service might actually prefer that you use certain methods to contact them in certain situations. By learning the protocol of this type, you can help make sure that you get the best possible service from your courier company at all times.

Sometimes a strange method of contact might be the best way to reach your courier. For instance, if you’re on the road, your courier may have set up an SMS system for you to check ETAs, in which case you should use that text messaging service. Other times, you may need to request a complicated inventory shift, in which case a fax that contains all the information might be best. Most of the time though, the best way to reach your courier will fall into one of three means: their website, email, or the phone.

Typically speaking, email is going to be used for the majority of communications with a courier company. This is actually true of most business; we now conduct far more correspondence via email than other methods. When contacting your courier company, email is quick, and allows you to be specific with details that may get misunderstood over the telephone.

When a specific function is present in a courier company’s website for contacting them, you should always use that instead of email. This is like when they have a form for you to fill out for requesting a pickup. That is because the required fields will ensure you provide all the needed information. Also, the order will definitely be processed, and not potentially overlooked or sent to a SPAM box like what might happen with email.

Telephone contact is what you should use if you’re calling the courier company with an emergency. If you needed to stop a shipment that was already on the road for instance, and there was no way to do that through the website, you should call them directly. Calling is also good for when you need to request emergency or NFO service. That way, you know that as soon as you get off the phone that someone is going to have been dispatched to look after your order.

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