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What Makes a Day Productive for Your Online Home Business?

I’ve often found defining a productive day with my business a bit challenging. A few years ago, I could write seven articles in one day, and that was what counted as a productive day. These days, it’s rare for me to write more than four, maybe five if I have very few distractions that day. Other days I struggle to write even one complete article.

When I wrote more articles, they were less informative. That’s not always a bad thing, as some of them were pretty fun to write, but many of them didn’t serve much of a purpose. They didn’t take much thought on my part, and so didn’t give much to think about to my readers.

I came to understand that it’s not all about quantity. Quality matters too.

Quantity Has Advantages

I’m not saying that producing a large quantity of articles a bad thing for all websites. If you’re trying to be informative it’s usually not the best thing, as you probably aren’t really digging into your topics.

Quantity is much more popular for low quality websites. That’s why so many people love article spinners. They can write one article and come up with dozens or hundreds of variations on that article. They may not all make sense, depending on the quality of the spinner, but that’s not their main goal. They just want to produce a ton of articles.

It’s ugly, but it can work for driving ad clicks and affiliate sales.

The Advantages of Quality

Fewer but higher quality articles has advantages if you’re looking to build a longer term relationship with readers. If you want a reputation as a good resource in whatever niche you’re working in, you need to provide quality. That’s probably going to cut down on the volume of articles you write.

Quality doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all 1000+ word articles. You can provide solid information in a much smaller space. Quality simply means you’re focused on providing a good resource, no matter how many words you use to create it.

Quality can come quickly when you’re writing about something you know well. It doesn’t hurt to do research even on topics you know well. Something you might not have thought of on your own can come up.

It’s not always easy to make sales when you focus on quality. You have to balance providing quality information with earning a living, if earning money is your goal.

On the plus side, when you build visitor trust through providing quality information, and then recommend a product, you’re well trusted by your visitors. That helps with sales.

What’s Productive?

These days I consider a productive day to be one in which I spent a good amount of time working on my business and using the time well. It may not always show in terms of articles written or pages updated, but I will know what I’ve gotten it done.

You can’t get it all done. It doesn’t matter if you’re focused on quality or quantity. There’s always more to do, and more you wish you could do.

You can be more productive and feel better about what you get done if you prioritize your work. Get the things done first that will most benefit your business. You can switch that out sometimes to the parts you enjoy most, but make your focus the things that will help to grow your online business.

Get your priorities taken care of, and you’ll feel better about whatever else you accomplish during the day. Leave your priorities undone, and they’ll keep hanging over your head and leaving you feeling as though you haven’t accomplished enough.

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