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What Makes it Your Favourite Takeaway- Delivery Speed, Taste, Service?

A whole host of variables combine to make a takeaway experience brilliant…or bad. It is the purpose of this article to examine some of these variables to make your decision easier and better informed.

It goes without saying that what you want from a takeaway is good food, fast. There’s no point to a takeaway meal if you receive rubbish food with a lightning fast delivery service – it’s pointless. The aim here then, is to analyse the factors that contribute to great tasting food and choice.

Trends are changing in the takeaway world. In the past few years the web has witnessed an influx of online portals designed to make takeaway ordering faster, simpler and generally more convenient. Some of the usual ‘culprits’ in this area include Hungry House, Urban Bite, Dominos, Fill My Belly and Just-Eat. Each provider has its own strengths and weaknesses, both with regard to the website and the actual service it offers to the consumer.

Of course, the traditional takeaway cuisines are present – Indian, Chinese, Italian and Japanese are but a few of the varieties available from live menus. Furthermore, some ‘niche’ takeaways are available, for instance, with Mexican, American, English and Lebanese cuisine, although these may be subject to availability with regard to the customer’s locality, as explained below.

Firstly, we must consider the level of coverage that each of these portals holds. A national focus means that the provider is likely to provide the best range of takeaway available to you as a result of their continued association with takeaway establishments up and down the country. What this also means for the user, is the likely proliferation of takeaway varieties associated with a national-level operator.

Moreover, there are further options we must consider before selecting a particular operator. For the most part, each website offers its users the chance to read thousands of user reviews (reviewing both the capabilities of the website and individual takeaway establishments). One thing is guaranteed – with operators offering over 3000+ restaurants across the UK, there’s something for every taste and requirement. Some of the better operators also provide extra services such as ‘Live Chat Support’, a feature which enables the user to track the progress of their takeaway until the doorbell rings.

Good operators go that little bit further to ensure the customer has experienced not just the takeaway, but also a part of the company. They do this through regularly run competitions which give users the opportunity to win prizes and discounts on further takeaways. Loyalty points are also another means for the customer to interact with the website, and they can claim a prize when a certain amount of points have been achieved.

The process as a whole is designed with one simple thought at the fore – convenience. It cannot be denied that using the internet to access live menus for takeaway is more convenient than a phone conversation – it disregards confusion and is fast and easy, and more importantly, secure. The moment you click to order button you receive an itemised bill and receive a direct response to acknowledge the takeaway order.

Sarah Baker is a food fanatic who loves to write about the best way to enjoy pizza or takeaway food. She resides in London with her pet dog Cammy and loves getting hotpizza delivered and ordering it online at