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What Should You Do Lease or Buy?

Leasing vs. Buying Benefits of Both

Leasing a car is becoming less a luxury and more of the norm as people are seeing the benefits to leasing a car over buying it. Leasing can offer the consumer many benefits over buying both financially and lifestyle wise.

Benefit Number 1: Keeping up with the latest trends

Leasing is sometimes more of a personal and lifestyle choice than a financial one. It boils down to one thing , consumers do not want to keep a vehicle for a long period of time. It is all about keeping up with the Jones next store , consumers want a new car every few years.

Leasing a car gives you the convenience of having the latest technology and safety innovation, such as an electronic stability system, DVD entertainment systems and advanced stereo equipment. If you are willing to forgo ownership for the latest set of wheels, than leasing is your best option.

Number two on the list: The ability to be flexible

Leasing also offers purchasing flexibility: it allows you to defer the purchasing decision while using the car. You don’t have to haggle with your mechanic over repair expenses, deal with hefty maintenance bills or worry about a depreciating asset. Its like an extended test drive just keep the car or truck under the allotted mileage and keep it cleaned. The great part is at the end of the lease it becomes your choice buy the car outright or just give back the keys and find a new car. Without any questions

Our third benefit is: Cash in your pocket

Leasing offers many short-term benefits. It reduces your initial cash outlay as you do not have to pay the large down payment required for car ownership. You only pay for the depreciation on the car – only the part you will use during your lease, not the entire vehicle. This is why the monthly payments for leases are so much lower than buying. Most people do not do this , but if you used the cash for investments instead of a large down payment it makes a lot of sense to lease. If you are self-employed or use your car for your job, then you can write off your leasing payment as a business expense.

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