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What To Look For When Buying Large Porcelain Tiles

Selecting the right floor and wall tiles would appear to be a daunting task given the variety and choice as well as the plethora of options in terms of sizes, colours, patterns and price bands.

It is one thing selecting the tiles and quite another laying them such that they appear consistent and give the room a neat look. Very often good material has been wasted due to faulty workmanship and the room has ended up looking a mess. Hence it is important to give top priority to good workmanship and engage professionals when positioning floor as well as wall tiles. It is not a bad idea paying a premium for this job as it is a skilled one and having spent good money on the material, it would be short sightedness to try and save some bucks on labour, as that would definitely result in shoddy workmanship thus rendering the whole exercise futile.

With porcelain making its mark as the preferred material for floor as well as wall tiles due to its many positive attributes, the question of what material to choose is taken care of. The next question that arises is what should be the size of the tiles and how to lay them such that they present a uniform, consistent and neat look.

As already mentioned above, workmanship can play a major role and to minimise any possible risk of the tiles not being laid properly, it is recommended to go for large porcelain tiles. The advantage is that you would require less grouting to be done, the laying is quicker and it is also easier to maintain with lesser joints. You may not save on money but would certainly gain in terms of reducing the error factor. After all, however skilled the mason may be, the human error factor cannot be ignored and when you have too many small tiles, the placement errors do get magnified and come to the fore. In the case of large tiles, this is kept to the minimum and is hardly noticeable.

This is not to mean that just selecting large porcelain tiles would ensure a perfect floor or wall finish. The preparatory work needs to be as detailed and complete as possible and it is for this reason that people prefer to remove the old tiles, prepare the surface and then go for new tiles. It is an expensive and tedious process but well worth the final result as you would get a floor that is very consistent and neat looking.

The availability of ceramic as well as porcelain tiles in various sizes, colour patterns and designs has made things easy as well as difficult for the average consumer. Easy because the sheer variety and price bands enable you to pick the type most suitable for your requirement and difficult because this very variety puts you in a spot when it comes to selection and you end up most times extending your budget to accommodate the more expensive option.

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