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What Would Be Your Financial Planner Job Description?

If you want to make a career as a financial planner, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with a financial planner job description.

You will be helping to create a plan with either businesses or individuals so that they can better use their savings and income, balanced with their investments. You might either work for yourself, in a freelance condition, or you might be employed by some insurance company or other financial organization. Savings and loan establishments offer financial planning, as do banks, investment services companies, those who handle mutual funds or those who handle IRAs.

There are also tax sheltered investment plans and real estate. One decision that’s currently being made is whether one should purchase gold as an investment. Back in the year 2000, gold was $278 an ounce. If you had been smart and purchased gold back in the year 2000, which I did, each ounce coin would now be worth $1200 apiece. Since I purchased 24 one-ounce coins, that means that my investment went up over four times in ten years.

I also purchased one platinum coin, which at the time was around $850. Now, platinum is over $1200 a coin. So, when you’re doing financial planning, you should consider such things as gold, as well as stocks, bonds, and other methods of gaining security. At the time I had told all my friends to purchase gold; but nobody listened. That’s the way with good decisions, you might see something very clearly whereas everybody else, because they’ve been thinking in the ways that people have thought for many decades, make poor decisions.

Thus, part of a financial planner job description should be, think on-your-feet. Don’t just go by what everybody else is doing. They might all be doing it wrong. If you do it the right way, then you’re the one who will be the right one even if you seemed to not know what you were doing back when you were doing it. One must always follow their gut instinct before everything else.

As a financial planner, you’ll be helping people look at their long-term and near financial situations. Now, as opposed to any other period of recent past, you probably need a financial planner to help you assess what you should do. Fear creates bad decisions, and now’s the time that you might make rash decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Not doing what fear is telling you to do is almost always the best choice at all times.

Financial planners are also sometimes called personal financial analysts. Some call them personal financial advisors or financial consultants. In each case, they will help you determine what to do in these times of tough economic straights. To get a handle on your fears, and see things in a more calm state of mind is always a good thing to do.

A financial planner job description would include the ability to tell people when the best time is to sell your home, whether you should take out a second mortgage on your house, what time you might start retirement, and such as those.

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