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What You Should Know Before You Write Web Sales Copy (Part 1)

The Internet may be one of the hardest forms of media to write lucrative and motivational sales copy. Attracting unique visitors, and keeping their interest to stay on your site, for more than ten seconds, is what I often refer to as the, “Fly Paper Theory.”

Writing good, or excellent, sales copy for the Internet, is a craft – and the results of this work speak volumes for themselves, almost instantly. Direct mail copywriters can say the same, but good web sales copy should produce very respectable numbers. Web sales copy is totally traceable, and the return on investment is usually better; this form of media can create wealth at an extremely rapid pace.

This is why good copywriters, who specialize in sales letters on the Internet, get very respectable fees. An inexpensive copywriter isn’t going to do extensive research about the needs of your customers for a “cheap fee.” If you put a job up for bid, and the copywriter is getting less than a fair wage, what do you really think you will get?

Many experts feel that converting one in one thousand visitors is acceptable. This is neither acceptable for an information marketer or a “brick and mortar business.” Once your traffic is pre-qualified toward your niche market, your sales conversion rates should be much more respectable. As a matter of fact, sales conversion rates depend upon price, but even with an item that sells for $400 to $600 USD, .1 percent conversion to sales is far too low.

Please bear in mind that your unique visitor traffic is visiting your site to find information that will solve their problems. Your pay-per-click program should be geared toward your niche market by using specific keywords within your sales copy. The sales copy itself should contain key words that relate to your micro-niche.

What is a micro-niche? I know a fashion designer who creates clothing for women, in a style that is specific to Southern India. The keywords she should use, for her web site, are extremely specific in comparison to “women’s clothing” or “Asian clothing.”

Your natural search engine rankings will go up by using your own unique writing that is content rich. The saying, “Content is King,” does apply to the Internet. When you write your own articles, or hire a competent author to write unique articles with specific keywords, that draw traffic to your website, you will be in a much better position.

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Paul Jerard is director of Yoga teacher training at Aura in RI. He’s a master instructor of martial arts and Yoga. He teaches that along with fitness. He wrote: Is Running a Yoga Business Right for You? For Yoga students who want to be a teacher.